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Do you need storage space to maintain order?

Is your house full of stuff you do not use?

You cannot deny it, you need a storage room!

You can store your furniture in both our Costa del Sol facilities and in Germany. We can arrange a temporary storage service in any of our destination countries. We adapt to your needs, you only pay for the time you need the storage space.

Our facilities are perfectly equipped and have all the necessary security measures (protection against theft with an alarm system and connection with the security switchboard and police 24 hours a day, fire detection system, sealing against moisture…) Contact us to get a free quote now!

Clearing your space will help you clear your mind! You can save bulky objects or sports equipment (such as your surfboard or skis) , books that you do not use, musical instruments, your bicycles, clothes wich are out of season, baby items waiting for the next sibling´s arrival, childhood memories, and of course any type of furniture. All you  want for less than you can imagine.  It all fits here!

We have got more than 700m2 destinated to storage space in our facilities. 

In addition, we organize the collection and delivery from your home to our storage space and vice versa. We will collect and return your items when you ask us to.

Do you want to know the type of storage space you need?

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