Large storage with 24 hour security in Mijas

When making a removal, or in your own home, surely you have found yourself in a situation where there is not enough space to place some furniture and objects. Buying a storage room is very expensive, and it does not always have the quality or security that we are looking for.

If you live in Mijas and you have this situation, in Hakotrans you can find the solution with our storage rooms. These large spaces can house everything you need to transport from one home to another in Mijas, or everything that you don’t need at home and you don’t want to throw away.

Characteristics of our storage in Mijas

As we mentioned before, conventional storage rooms have some problems, in addition to their high price, which can be solved with our  storage services.

The first thing is the size. This storage space that we have in Mijas has a large size, some have even more than 800 square meters. The access is very simple, because you can park the car or truck inside without any difficulty and do the loading and unloading quickly.

The price problem is solved with Hakotrans, because we have very adjusted rates for renting these storage places.

You don’t have to worry about security, in case someone can come in and take away your precious objects. In all our facilities, including the one in Mijas, we have theft alarms connected 24 hours a day that notify the police in case of any anomaly. We also have fire and moisture tightness detection equipment.

We know that moving, especially large and heavy furniture and objects, is very difficult if you don’t have a large vehicle. Therefore, we will organize the collection and delivery of all the goods from your home to our storage or vice versa.

Make your move with all Hakotrans services

The comfort of our customers is the main objective we have in Hakotrans. Not only, we have the best storage for your removals to and from Mijas, but we have many more services that will make the whole process much faster and safer.

Contact us if you are interested in knowing more information about the storage spaces you can use in Mijas, or how to make your removal.

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