Local removals in Fuengirola with full services

Although commonly, when thinking about a removal, it is national between cities or international between countries, in Hakotrans we know the importance of local moving. That is why we offer our services as a company specialized in removals for Fuengirola residents who decide to change house or office within this municipality.

Since 1999 we have our own fleet to do all kaind of transports, both terrestrial and maritime to the Balearic and Canary Islands.

It is important for us to meet the collection and delivery dates, so moving planning is a key phase in our work. All objects and furniture that you are going to relocate in Fuengirola will be properly protected and packed, to ensure the guarantee and quality of the service.

Services we offer for removals in Fuengirola

With all the accumulated experience we have in Hakotrans, we have been offering more services to our clients and we currently have a very wide range.

We make removals both within Fuengirola, as from other cities in Spain or from foreign countries.

We serve both private clients and companies that want to change offices.

You can choose whether to pack the items yourself or if you prefer our professionals to do it. We have many different materials such as boxes, bubble wrap, tape, etc.

We can transport your car or motorcycle from or to Fuengirola.

Hakotrans has storage for rent both in Fuengirola and in the rest of Spain to be able to put the objects that you are going to move while you settle in the new property.

We manage removals to and from Fuengirola

With the objective of offering the maximum service to the clients, we take care of managing the necessary procedures for the transport of all your belongings during the removal and we also have some extra services to adapt ourseves to each case.

For the planning of the removal in Fuengirola, a personal advisor will assist you in your language to establish what you should transfer first, calculate the volume and make a budget adapted to your needs.

We also have a handyman or expert in assembly and disassembly of furniture, stands, promotional corners, etc. You can request their help by the hour and in a timely manner.

Contact us and find out everything you need for your removals in Fuengirola.

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