Easier removals with storage in Fuengirola

There are many occasions in life where you may need an extra space that is not in your house to store objects: when you have very voluminous objects, items from other seasons, when you do renovations at home and you have to clear the space, if you are making a removal

For all this, your first option may be to have a storage room in Fuengirola. These, however, are very expensive and most of the time they are not used for a long time. That is why in Hakotrans we have the perfect solution: the rental of storage.

Save a lot of money by renting for days, weeks or months these large storage units where you can put bicycles, boxes with clothes, documents, shelves and everything you need.

Features of our Storage in Fuengirola

In the facilities we have in Fuengirola you will have large spaces that have very easy access by car. This way you can load and unload items quickly.

In addition, we have storages throughout the Costa del Sol, so if you have to change your home to another nearby town you can take advantage of these storage spaces.

One of the objectives of Hakotrans is to take care of your objects as well as possible, and that is why each of our facilities has security measures to prevent theft such as a 24-hour alarm. We also have fire detectors to prevent any risk.

Speed up your removals in Fuengirola with our storage

As we have mentioned before, storages is really useful when moving. You can leave everything you are going to relocate in these spaces and then move it all together to the new house or flat. If you have a car this whole process will be simple but if you do not have it, or it is small, we can organize the collection and delivery of anything from the home to the storage and vice versa.


Trust the experience of Hakotrans working with hundreds of clients both in Spain and abroad. We assure you the tranquility of knowing that your things will arrive at the right time and place, always in perfect condition.

If you want more information about the storages we rent in Fuengirola, contact Hakotrans.

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