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For companies and office relocations

Corporate removals and office relocations require thorough planning so that the company’s operations are not interrupted and it can continue working for as long as possible. In Hakotrans, we adapt the move to your needs to avoid that the relocation has an impact on the productivity of your company and the activity of the office.

We adapt to your company

The selection of an experienced moving company is the key to a successful corporate move with minimum inconvenience and disruption to employees and the activity work of the company.

In Hakotrans we know the importance of the daily work rhythm of each company, that is why we adapt to your schedule and your work routine, we plan and carry out the move in a gradual and organized way. We can carry it out outside working hours, during the weekend or even during the night shift.


We know how important business commitments are to a company. That’s why we will work outside usual  business working hours, allowing continuity and productivity  in your operations.

We avoid

We will adapt to your schedule and plan and execute the move efficiently, without causing significant disruption to your business and maintaining operational efficiency during the relocation process.


We minimize any negative impact on your business activity, adapting to your schedule, making the move as flexible as possible and scheduling it at the most convenient times.


We also offer relocation services for company employees or executives who change their destination.

We cover the relocation of bank employees, managers and/or multinationals who are assigned to a new city in Spain or abroad.

Our team of professionals has extensive experience in relocations and removals.

We carry out an inventory of all the objects and furniture to be moved in order to check that everything is correct once at the destination.

We ensure a smooth and efficient transition in job relocation.


We facilitate your move to a new destination, providing you with the support you need to adapt quickly to your new environment.

We will take care of all the details and provide you with personalised advice, cultural orientation and support in finding housing, schools, health services and any other needs you may have.

We will make your move a smooth and successful transition, allowing you to focus on enjoying your new phase with complete peace of mind.

Trust us for your corporate move

Discover all our services for local, national and international removals.

Quality and Guarantee in removals and corporate relocations

In Hakotrans we have all the technical and human resources to carry out the removals and transfers with the highest guarantees.

Our packing materials are the best on the market for top safety and efficiency during the move.

Our technical team is highly qualified. They have specialised training and experience. They are fully prepared to deal with any situation.

In order to offer the best guarantee and quality, we have all the insurances required by the regulations of the removals sector and we have additional insurances for greater peace of mind.

Arrangements and transport in removals for companies

The transport of company removals or corporate relocations is carried out by road, boat and/or plane. The transport  depends on the origin, destination and needs of the client.

We have frequent routes in Europe carried out by our own fleet. Your belongings will always be in the best hands.

We manage and plan all the necessary procedures so that everything goes according to plan and we have different extra removal services to adapt to your needs.

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