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Additional services to facilitate and complement your move

At Hakotrans, we care about making your move as easy as possible. That’s why, in addition to our removal services, we offer a variety of extra services, such as furniture assembly and disassembly, professional packing, vehicle transportation and furniture storage service, among others.

Trust us to cover all your needs during your move, discover them all!


At Hakotrans, we go beyond just the move. We understand that it’s the perfect opportunity to reorganize spaces for enhanced functionality and productivity. That’s why we offer the assistance of Macarena Korn, our professional organizer, who will help you plan and organize your home or office spaces according to your current needs, ensuring greater well-being and an extra dose of happiness.

Discover Macarena Korn

Macarena guides and teaches you the art of efficient organization, managing your belongings and spaces to align with your ideal lifestyle through the powerful tool of order. She assists you in preparing for your life transition.

Your space

Macarena will carefully analyse your spaces and the elements that make them up. Our aim is to create functional and welcoming environments that reflect your needs and preferences.

Action plan

Together we will design a personalised action plan to transform your spaces and adapt them to your ideal lifestyle. We will create harmonious environments that reflect your personality and needs.


We focus on recovering the functionality of your spaces, giving them a new meaning by implementing habits of order and productivity. We will transform your environments into organised and efficient places.


We facilitate your move to a new destination, providing you with the support you need to adapt quickly to your new environment.

We will take care of all the details and provide you with personalised advice, cultural orientation and support in finding housing, schools, health services and any other needs you may have.

We will make your move a smooth and successful transition, allowing you to focus on enjoying your new phase with complete peace of mind.


At Hakotrans, we make sure that you have a personal advisor throughout the entire planning process of your move.

Our moving experts will be happy to assist you in your own language, be it German, Spanish, English or Dutch.

Your advisor will answer all your questions and accompany you through every step of the process, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your move.

Planning moving

At Hakotrans, we strive to plan all moves efficiently, considering your comfort and needs.

Our main objective is to ensure that both the move and the process of adapting to your new home are as comfortable as possible.

Our clients highlight our agility, efficiency and professionalism in every project.

We want to be your trusted partner for any removal or relocation, and our main goal is your satisfaction and that you appreciate and recommend us.

Your peace of mind and satisfaction are our priority

Seguro extra para tu mudanza

At Hakotrans, we care about your peace of mind and safety, that’s why we have the most complete insurance and coverage on the market.

We fullfit all the regulations and requirements of the moving sector, offering Civil Liability insurance to provide you with maximum protection during your removals.


You can rely on our commitment to look after your belongings and guarantee a safe and reliable removal service, although we also offer you the option of taking out additional insurance to have even more extensive insurance coverage.


Our team will inform you in more detail about our services and insurances for your local move, national move, international move or corporate move.

HANDYMAN service

We offer you our specialised assembly and disassembly service, designed for both individuals and companies looking for professional help with exceptional performance and quality.

Our experts are trained to carry out assemblies for both companies and individuals.

In addition, the handyman service is flexible and adapts to your needs, as you can request it by the hour or on an ad hoc basis.

Rely on our experts for a flawless and efficient service!

For companies

We carry out stand assembly, promotional corners, as well as the assembly and disassembly of industrial furniture, among others.

For individuals

Assembly and disassembly of furniture, display cabinets, complete bedrooms, lamps, pictures, shelving, etc...

Hiring by hourS

From the handyman service, we offer you the possibility of hiring our team by hours.

Professional results

A team of operators fully specialised in assembly and disassembly with optimum performance and professionalism.

You will save time

Our team will make your move as quick as possible disassembling all your furniture in a short period of time.

Packaging service

Good packaging makes all the difference

Proper packing is key to the success of your move. At Hakotrans, we understand the importance of minimising risks, avoiding surprises and protecting your belongings with the same care you would give them.

We work with the most advanced and high quality options in packing materials. We offer boxes of different sizes, wardrobe boxes to hang your clothes, special paper for fragile items  and bubble wrap, among others.

You choose

On your own

If you prefer to pack your belongings yourself, you can save on your move and get a cheaper price.


If you opt for our team of professionals, we guarantee safe and reliable packaging - peace of mind won't cost you much more!

The most suitable type of packaging will depend on the type of transport you choose for your move, whether by land, sea or air.

Our specialists will be happy to advise you on the materials we offer and sell, and to provide you with the best protection for your local, national or international move.

We work with the most advanced and high quality options in packing materials. We offer boxes of different sizes, wardrobe boxes to hang your clothes, special paper for delicate objects and bubble wrap, among others.

Do you know how we protect your furniture?

In addition to adhesive tape, seals, corner protection or corner protectors… we work with the best packaging materials on the market.


Different sizes of boxes. Boxes for books, clothes, crockery...

Wrapping paper

This special wrapping paper is ideal for protecting your crockery, plates, glasses and other delicate objects. It is used by professionals.

Bubble wrap

Suitable for the protection of mirrors, glass tables, painted furniture or art objects such as sculptures.

Clothes box/cabinet

You will be able to put clothes hung on hangers directly from the wardrobe without the need to fold them, avoiding wrinkles and facilitating their placement when they arrive at their destination, you will only have to hang them in your wardrobe, or use them as a temporary wardrobe, if necessary.

Stretch film

We pack with this type of film to protect your furniture in case of rain and also to palletise the boxes, preventing them from shifting during transport.

Plastic protection

We will use them for sofas, armchairs and mattresses, preventing them from getting dirty during transport or storage.

We have everything you need to protect your stuff.

Storage and Warehousing Service

Need space to store your belongings safely and securely?

Whether you’re in the middle of moving house, renovating your home or simply need to free up space, our furniture repositories are the perfect solution. You’ll be able to access your belongings whenever you need them and be confident that they’ll be in the best possible hands.

More than 2.000m2

Intended for storage on our premises with excellent access for vehicles, trucks and positioning of sea containers.

At Costa del Sol

Our furniture storage facilities are located in Malaga, in the heart of the Costa del Sol, in a strategic location between Malaga and Marbella.

Best quality / price

Everything you want for less than you think, because our rates are really low, everything fits here!

24h protection

Security measures against burglary with 24h police-connected alarm and other risks such as fire detection and damp-proofing.

Home collection

We organise collection and delivery from your home to our furniture repository or vice versa, we will bring it to you or collect it when you tell us to.

Storage Service

Transport of vehicles

The solution for taking your vehicle wherever life takes you

Specialized in vehicle transportation to any country. We offer services to destinations in different countries, especially in central Europe such as Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and many more.

Do you need to move your car from one country to another?

Have you acquired a new vehicle and need our help?

Because we know that when moving, it’s not just about transporting your furniture, often your vehicle comes with you!

If you are living in another country and the time has come to bring your vehicle from your place of origin… we take care of the whole process!

Doing the maths is important, as entrusting us with the transport of your insured vehicle to the address you specify can be more cost-effective than making the journey yourself. You will save time, petrol and minimise unnecessary risks. Transporting your vehicle costs less than you think.

We’re here to make your move easier and more convenient, including moving your vehicles with complete peace of mind.

Procedures customs

We handle all the documentation for your international move

Sometimes during an international move it is necessary to go through customs, which requires customs formalities to transport personal belongings that vary depending on the origin and/or destination of your move.

For this reason, we offer you a complete service of customs formalities for your international move, such as declaration of the value of your goods, consular deregistration, registration at the new destination, declarations, personal and vehicle documentation, etc.

Trust our experience and leave the customs formalities of your move in our hands. Speak to our agents for more information.

By land, sea and air trust in Hakotrans

Freight and air shipments

If you have to send boxes, suitcases, a parcel...

We make sure it reaches its destination. Discover our express shipments by air in 24-48 hours depending on the destination, the fastest way! You can send a suitcase, a few boxes… with a very short delivery time.

Sending a box to Dubai, a suitcase to Africa, a package for Christmas or a birthday?

Because there are times when the recipient of our shipments is far away… Whether you need to send a box, a suitcase or a parcel, trust in our specialists. We take care of your shipment.

You will know the price and delivery times right from the start. We will keep you informed at all times throughout the process.


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