Extra services

At Hakotrans, we offer removals services and additional or extra services to simplify and speed up your move as much as possible

Personal removals advisory service

During the process of planning the removal, you will have a personal advisor.

Our removal consultants will assist you in your own language, be it German, Spanish, English or Dutch.

From the first contact, they will take note of the details of your move and your needs, help you set priorities, calculate the volume of your move and give you a quote taking into account the needs.

In short, they will answer all your questions and accompany you throughout the process.

Mudanzas Hakotrans asesor personal

Planning removals

We plan all removals to ensure they are carried out as quickly as possible, always bearing in mind your comfort and needs.

Our aim is to make the move, the transfer and the adaptation to your new home as easy as possible.

Our clients praise our speed, efficiency and professionalism.

We want you to choose us, count on us for any removal or transfer and recommend us.

Talk to us for your move!

Ask for your free, no-obligation quote for your national removal.

Choose the quality offered by Hakotrans.

Mudanzas Hakotrans Mudanza planificación

Extra insurance for your peace of mind during the move

At Hakotrans, we have the best insurance and coverage on the market.

We have Civil Liability insurance and all the insurances required by the regulations of our sector in order to offer you the best removals service. In addition, we offer extra insurance for your peace of mind.

Is it advisable to take out extra insurance for the move?

Bear in mind that insurance companies do not cover the objects packed by the client, so it is advisable to take out additional insurance.

For their peace of mind during the move, we sometimes recommend our clients to take out additional insurance. This offers more coverage than the basic insurance.

Our team will inform you in more detail about our services and insurance for your removal local, national removals, international removals o corporate removals. In addition, you will be informed about other available services such as our furniture storage, handyman, etc.



See the various removals services with no obligation

Peace of mind, professionalism and guarantees!

Handyman service

We offer specialised assembly and disassembly or handyman services.

The handyman service is a service aimed at individuals and companies that need professional help to provide a service with optimum performance and professionalism.

Our experts carry out the assembly of booths and promotional corners, assembly and disassembly of industrial furniture, among other services.

This is an adapted service which you can request on an hourly and ad hoc basis.


Mudanzas Hakotrans handyman hakotrans
We offer much more than just removals and put our experience at your service.
Hire our handyman service

Let us help you!

Furniture assembly and disassembly

Advantages of our Handyman service
Our #HakoTeam is fast and works in an effective results-oriented manner.

You can count on our fantastic team not only for the assembly or disassembly of your furniture when your move but also for the disassembly of lamps, paintings or shelves.

You will save time

Our team will speed up your move as much as possible by dismantling all your furniture.

Professional results

A team of operators fully specialised in assembly and disassembly with optimum performance and professionalism.

Hiring by the hour

Our handyman service offers you the option of hiring our team by the hour.

For individuals

Assembly and disassembly of furniture, showcases, complete bedrooms, lamps, pictures, shelves, etc.

For companies

We assemble booths and promotional corners, and assemble and disassemble industrial furniture, among other things.


Packing service

Do you know the importance of good packing for a move?

Good packing is part of the key to success. Possible risks are minimised, surprises are reduced, your belongings are protected. We take care of them just like you do.

We work with the best and most advanced packaging material on the market. Boxes of various sizes, wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes, special paper for delicate objects, blister packaging…

It’s your choice:

  • Want to pack your belongings yourself? It’s a way of saving money on your move.
  • Would you prefer our team of professionals to pack with the maximum guarantees? It won’t cost you much more! Safe packaging with Hakotrans.

The most suitable packaging in each case will depend on the type of transport (land, sea or air) required for your move.

Our specialists will advise you on the materials we offer and sell, as well as how to get the best protection for your local, national or international move.

Mudanzas Hakotrans servicio de embalaje

Do you know everything we have to protect your furniture?

We work with the best packaging materials on the market.

  • Different box sizes. Boxes for books, clothes, crockery…
  • Special wrapping paper. This paper is ideal to protect your dishes, plates, glasses and other delicate objects. It is what the professionals use.
  • Clothes box/wardrobe. You will be able to hang your clothes directly in the wardrobe without the need to fold them, avoiding creasing and making it easier to put them in place when they reach their destination. All you have to do is hang them in your wardrobe or use the box as a temporary wardrobe, if necessary.
  • Blister plastic. Suitable for protecting mirrors, glass tables, painted furniture or artworks such as sculptures.
  • Stretch film. We pack with this type of film to protect your furniture in case of rain and also to palletize the boxes, preventing them from moving during transport.
  • Plastic protection for sofas, armchairs and mattresses, preventing them from getting dirty during transport or storage.
  • In addition to adhesive tape, seals, protection for corners or edges…

Talk to our advisors and ask for a quote for the packaging you need.


We have everything your furniture needs for a move!
Talk to us for more details

Furniture storage and warehousing

Is your house full of things you don't use?

Over 800m2

For storage in our facilities with excellent access for vehicles, lorries and positioning of shipping containers.

On the Costa del Sol

Our furniture storage facilities are located in Malaga, in the heart of the Costa del Sol, in a strategic location between Malaga and Marbella.

Best value for money

Everything you want for less than you imagine, because our rates are really low. It all fits here!


24h protection

Anti-theft security measures with alarm connected to the police 24h and other security measures such as fire detection and damp-proofing.

Home collection

We arrange the collection and delivery from your home to our furniture storage facilities or vice versa we will take your belongings to you or pick them up when you tell us.

When might I need furniture storage facilities or a storeroom?

Lack of space at home, bulky items.

Storing items from other seasons (Christmas, Halloween, surfboards or ski equipment, sports equipment, clothes from another season…)

Home improvements.

Child or baby items to be used for the next child.

Books you don’t use.

Childhood mementoes.

Musical instruments.


Furniture changes.

When you need to get more space or empty the house.

Temporary transfer to another country.

Transit between countries.

Ask us for a free, no-obligation quote!

Vehicle transport

Vehicle transport to and from Malaga to and from anywhere!

One of our specialities is vehicle transport, especially to central Europe (Germany, France, Belgium, Holland…), although we can take it to any destination.

Need to take your car or motorbike from one country to another? Bought a new car and need us to take it to you?

Because a move is not just about transporting your furniture; your vehicle or vehicles usually move with you as well!

Maybe you’ve been living in a new country for just a while and it’s time to bring your car, which you left at your place of origin.

Do the maths: it can be much more economic for us to bring your vehicle, whether it’s a car or a motorbike, fully insured to the address you give us, than to have to go and pick it up and drive for hours on end -mileage, fuel, time, risk of accidents… Think about it! Transport for your vehicle costs less than you imagine.



Mudanzas Hakotrans transporte de vehículos

Ask us for a no-obligation quote!

Customs formalities

Customs formalities for you international move.

During an international move it is sometimes necessary to go through customs. This requires customs formalities for transporting personal effects that vary depending on the origin and/or destination of your move.

For this reason, it is necessary to prepare and submit a variety of documents that may include the declaration of the value of your goods, consular deregistration, registration in the registry of the new destination, declarations, personal and vehicle documentation, etc. These formalities may involve the payment of customs duties, depending on the laws and taxes of each country of destination.

Given our extensive experience in the removals sector, we have a large network of international customs agents. At Hakotrans, we will advise and guide you, we will help you in the submission of the necessary documentation and the formalities required by the customs authorities in your particular case. Talk to our agents so that they can inform you about this process.

Mudanzas Hakotrans tramites aduaneros

We accommodate your preferences!

By land, sea and air; you can rely on Hakotrans.


Air freight and shipping

Mudanzas Hakotrans flete aéreo
Si tienes que realizar algún envío de cajas, maletas, un paquete…

If you have to send boxes, suitcases, a package…

We make sure they reach their destination. Discover our express shipments by air in 24-48 hours depending on destination – the fastest way! You can send a suitcase, boxes… with a very short delivery time.

Send a box to Dubai? A suitcase to Africa? A Christmas or birthday present?

Because the recipient of our shipments is sometimes very far away, whether you have to send a box, a suitcase or a package, place your trust in specialists. We will arrange your shipment for you.

You will know the price and delivery times from the outset. We will keep you informed at all times during the process.



Shipping containers

We can arrange your move by sea to any destination in the world.

There are removals that, due to the distance, cannot be carried out by land. In these cases, we manage your removal by ship.

Going to Australia? Heading for America? Being sent to China?

This is probably the first time you have done a move by sea. We will clear up your doubts with our experience. Japan, Canada, USA, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Chile… These are just some of the destinations where we have successfully handled removals!



Mudanzas Hakotrans contenedores maritimos

Maritime removals

Anticipation and planning are essential in a maritime removal, which has its own particular features, deadlines, insurance and conditions because it involves long distances and your belongings travel by ship.

For your maritime removal, packaging is of vital importance; it must be done with great care and protection, using quality material. Our staff is experienced in maritime packaging and will take care of packing and dismantling your furniture. You don’t have to worry about anything, Hakotrans will do it for you.

Our aim is your satisfaction and making your move easier.

You can count on our professional advice and request a free, no-obligation quote for your international maritime move.

At our office, our team will carry out all the necessary formalities for your international removal, keeping you informed throughout the process.


We are perfectly aware of what a change of country -and even more of continent- means, not only at an emotional level. The uncertainty about the changes involved in the move can cause stress and receiving appropriate advice will be of great help. For this reason, we are faithful to our motto: removals with the heart.

We take care of everything. We assess and calculate the number of cubic metres, we provide and organise the loading of the container, we deal with the paperwork, customs formalities, international clearance… everything.

At the office, you will be able to communicate with our staff in your own language, whether it be Spanish, English, German or Dutch. We have a great team working for you.

At Hakotrans, we work to make your move easier and more comfortable.


Let us guide you and accompany you in your international move.
Talk to our advisors and ask for your free quote without obligation for your international move.

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