Main Partners and Removals Collaborators Network

Which Associations of Removals and Storage Companies does Hakotrans belong to and why?

Over our history, we have had the chance to expand our network of associations, partners and collaborators in the removals and furniture storage sector in order to continue being one of the leading companies in the sector.

Some of the factors that have influenced us to participate in the sector’s main events, fairs and associations are:

  1. Our international activity and our German roots.
  2. The need to keep improving our working material. It is important for all products to arrive at their destination in perfect condition.
  3. In order to offer the best working method. In this way, we can save time.
  4. To have an active knowledge of the market needs and provide value. It is important to understand the characteristics of removals and offer the best service, being a leading company in service quality.

To carry out this “updating” work Hakotrans actively participates in some of the main associations of removal and furniture storage companies such as:


As a transport and removals company we have a mission, a vision and values.

As our motto states, we carry out “Removals with the heart” and that makes us different.


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