Mission and Vision

We are WHOLE-HEARTED MOVERS, and that is what makes us special

Our aims are:

  • To offer our customers all removal services, whether local, national or international, via land, sea or air. With an integral service, from beginning to end.
  • To always provide an excellent service, achieving the highest levels of satisfaction from our customers.
  • To respond rapidly and effectively, detecting and understanding our customers’ needs and anticipating their demands.
  • Honesty and transparency with our customers, partners and employees.
  • Meeting the deadlines which have been previously agreed with the client, minimizing the time required for the provision of our services.
  • To offer our services at a fair price, and within the industry quality standards and within the framework of professional associations to which we belong.
  • To provide maximum coverage through our insurance company, taking care of any damage or breakage that may occur during loading, unloading or transport in a rapid way.


  • To encourage communication with our customers, communicating in their own language (English, German, Catalan, Spanish and Dutch).
  • To ensure job stability for our employees, allowing them to develop a career within the organization and providing the training and information needed for achieving maximum performance and productivity.
  • To share valuable content on our blog, and disseminate information of interest related to the removals industry on our social networks.
  • To evaluate our own performance as well as our customers’ level of satisfaction through satisfaction questionnaires.
  • To increase our presence in international fairs and encounters, allowing us to be up to date with the latest developments, and in contact with the industry’s top companies.
  • To continue renewing our social and environmental commitment through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by supporting and contributing towards NGOs. (From 2015 our support went towards the Spanish Association Against Cancer). We are environmentally conscious, always recycling our waste, and are also socially responsible.


What are out goals?

¿Where are we heading to?

To exceed our customers’ expectations by offering a high quality service.


To expand our vehicle fleet and to continue generating job opportunities.


To expand our advertising budget by investing in new channels and markets.


To become one of Spain’s’ leading companies, with a strong presence in Europe, offering our services worldwide.


To undergo continuous growth, with continuous improvement in training, equipment and in our network of collaborators.


We want to demonstrate that there is a different way of carrying out a removal, through a whole-hearted removal. To achieve this, we will continue working with motivation and high attention to detail.


To be an effective and dynamic organization, with a proper planning that allows us to respond to any logistics or transport-related challenges in international removals.


To be the removal company of choice due to the attention given to our customers, meeting a wide range of their needs through teamwork.


To minimize risk and anticipate possible setbacks by continuous improvement, achieving zero accident rate and zero moving problems.


What are we like?

We are a company with a trajectory of almost 20 years, young and at the same time with a lot of experience, dynamic, with worries, and we like to do things well. Our speciality and passion are removals. 


We like to work as a team, we form the #HakoTeam

  • Experience.
  • Quality.
  • Proximity.
  • Honesty.


  • Professionalism.
  • Flexibility.
  • Collaboration.
  • Commitment.


We consider ourselves a company with soul. We are supportive, we collaborate with NGOs and we take care of our environment by recycling our products.

We transport with the heart and that makes us different.


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