Watch out for the Jack Sparrows!

By “pirates” we refer to unqualified practices, companies and persons who perform unauthorized removals for low prices BUT without any guarantees. They are uninsured and will not warn you of the risks. What happens if a box is lost or “disappears”, if a piece of furniture is damaged or if the agreed delivery dates and deadlines are not met?

If any problems show up, you’ll not be able to present a complaint because they are acting outside the law. Remember the saying “you get what you pay for”. If they’ve got a website or Facebook profile, verify its authenticity. Many post photographs of trucks that are not theirs and are mere intermediaries who get a commission without actually offering you a service.

Would you let anyone into your house? Would you leave your belongings in anyone’s hands? Choose professional companies that specialize in national and international removals and offer the best storage service.

We belong to FEDEM, the Spanish Federation of Removals Companies; a seal of quality, safety and security in the removals sector. We’re also members of FEDEMAC; an organization representing 3,000 professional moving companies in 26 European countries.

Why should I hire a removals company that is associated with FEDEM?


FEDEM is the mark of quality that distinguishes the premium removal firms in Spain.


A company that is associated with FEDEM will offer guarantees, quality service and professionalism. This includes professional staff, vast experience and a Federation endorsed by the best media.


You will be given a quotation in writing, you will sign a contract and receive an invoice. Read more

Be wary of verbal agreements, services without an invoice, and fully comprehensive insurances that are not actually real. More information

In short, hiring companies that are associated with FEDEM will prevent you from facing unnecessary problems and complications, while receiving a high quality removals service.

What should a good Removals Company offer?

For a removals company to gain its clients’ full trust, it should comply with the following rules, that all companies associated with FEDEM meet:


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