Why is a technical visit important for your move?

When a client wants to change his residence or premises and asks us the price of the move, the answer is always the same: with a technical visit we can give that exact proposal.

But what does a technical visit for a national or international move consist of?

It is a survey, in the house or premises -in the case of corporate moves– from where the removal needs to be done, which will give us important details such as the volume of the items to be moved, the characteristics of the building, the difficulties that may arise, the Hakotrans workers that would be needed, the type of transport, the time…

By gathering all this information, we can give our clients an accurate final quotation, including all the services that can make the removal faster and safer.

What information do we need to know during the technical visit?

During the technical visit for your removal, Hakotrans will need to know the following.

– Type of property or premises

Access conditions, such as whether there is a lift or stairs, the size of the corridors, etc.

Parking space available

Moving permits that may be requested

Items and goods to be transported, especially if there are some delicate objects

High valued items, and if they have additional removal insurance such as Hakotrans

– If you need packaging

Vehicles or pets to be transported

Depending on all this details and information that we receive with the technical visit, we will be able to recommend some of the relocation services and extra services that we have: additional insurance for delicate or valuable items, packing and unpacking, assembling and dismantling furniture, storage

How is the technical visit process for your move?

When you ask for a technical visit to start the moving process, the first thing you must do is prepare to show us and identify all the items and furniture you want to transport. In addition, tell us which services you are going to need, the approximate date of collection and delivery and any other details you think that might be important.

Afterwards, we will make the technical visit in person so that all the work is faster and more precise. The professional staff at Hakotrans has a lot of experience with these procedures and will know best what services you will need and how the furniture will be transported.

Finally, we will give you the final quotation adapted to your needs and your move. Then the whole process will begin, in which you will not have to worry about anything: just starting your life in a new home.

Contact our moving company if you would like to schedule a technical visit for your move, or if you would like more information.

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