Safe sea removals from Málaga with Hakotrans

Moving to another country is one of the most stressful things we can face when we decide to move. Taking care to ensure that everything arrives in good condition, without anything being lost or broken, within the agreed time limits… many are the factors that can cause concern in this type of transport.

For this reason, the simplest solution is to count on the services of a company that specializes in removals in Málaga, such as Hakotrans. We make the process much easier for you: we advise you and manage the move, pack the items, dismantle furniture, transport vehicles…

But, if you must make a move crossing the sea, how can you do it? It is quite easy: with the sea removals that we carry out in Hakotrans from Malaga. Thanks to our own fleet and frequent routes, you can go to countries like Canada, USA, South Africa, and many more without having to worry about anything. If you would like to know how, read on.

This is how removals by sea from Malaga are carried out with Hakotrans

International removals by ship is a complex task and not as easy as by land. It is necessary to consider time, insurance and different conditions when having to cover more distance, as well as the protection of the goods in a humid environment. You also must follow international customs procedures and comply with customs requirements.

We can take care of all this paperwork in Hakotrans, as we have many years of experience in carrying out sea removals from Malaga. We will also take care of the packing, using high quality materials that will also protect your belongings from damages or from dropping down. With our services, you will never have to worry about transporting your furniture again, whether you are moving locally, nationally, or internationally.

Secure your sea move from Malaga in Hakotrans

If there is one recommendation that we always make to our clients who need to move by sea from Málaga, it is to take out an extra insurance, which is part of our additional services.

With the basic insurance for local and national removals it is not enough to have peace of mind knowing that everything will arrive in perfect condition. If an accident occurs on the way, and something you have packed yourself is damaged, only the extra insurance will cover. Therefore, it is important to take this into account.

Transport your furniture and items to another country with Hakotrans. Depending on whether you choose the collection and delivery dates, we will have different prices for your move. Besides Malaga, we also do removals by sea from Algeciras. Choose the option that suits you best, contact us and we will start organizing the whole process.

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