We do sea freight relocations from Algeciras to other countries

The worry of going to live in another country, especially if it is far away and on another continent, does not have to get worse when you think about moving all your belongings and furniture, particularly if it cannot be done by land.

Hakotrans , has been the expert in removals by sea from the port of Algeciras for many years. We have our own fleet of vehicles and frequent routes to many parts of the world. Japan, Canada, USA, South Africa, Chile, Costa Tropical and many more are the destinations from which we have managed removals with total success, delivering our customers all their belongings in perfect condition and without loss.

How we carry out removals by sea freight in Algeciras

The key to a successful sea freight relocation from Algeciras is anticipation and planning, because there are many details that make them different from other international or national relocations: the deadlines, insurances and conditions are different because the distances are longer and the removal property  is transported by truck and then by sea from the port of Algeciras. We also must consider customs procedures, international regulation of each country, etc.

A mandatory requirement for a smooth and fluent transportation process without damages of the goods is the packing. This task is done in Hakotrans with quality materials, taking the greatest care to cover all parts and protect them from possible blows, falls, moisture, etc… Our team will take care of packing and of unpacking once the shipment arrives at destination to the residence, as well as of the furniture assembly.

We organize your sea freight relocation from Algeciras

To ensure that the removal by sea from Algeciras will not end up in more work for our customers, we organize all the transportation. A specialized removal advisor will come to your house to see what needs to be shipped , what kind of container will be needed if so for the transport, whether a handyman needs to be hired and will also prepare a final quotation.

As soon as you approve the budget, we start working immediately to achieve the target and meet the deadlines we have set for the removal to the other country from Spain.We are very professional, and we always comply with the collection and delivery dates contemplated by the agreement.

Let our removal company take care of transporting your belongings to your new home, whether by land or by sea. If you have any doubts about the sea removals we handle in Algeciras, contact us. Our staff will be pleased to assist you in your own language, ether in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian or Dutch.

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