Removals with assembly and disassembly of furniture in Hakotrans

Removals are quite different from one situation to another. There are smaller ones, where you only must transport boxes with documents, clothes from other seasons, suitcases…

There are also large ones where we take all the furniture from one house to another that can be in our same town, country or abroad. It is in these big removals where the service of assembly and disassembly of furniture that we have in Hakotrans becomes essential.

Handyman service for Hakotrans removals

This handyman service or also known as assembly and disassembly of furniture we have available for removals to and from Malaga, international removals to European countries such as Germany or others, etc.

What this Hakotrans professional does is to carefully disassemble the furniture to be able to stack them better in the moving truck and make fewer transport trips. This way you will save a lot of time and money to settle in your new house or flat.

Once the furniture has arrived, we will work with you to find out where each piece of furniture needs to be reassembled. It is a very convenient and practical service.

On the other hand, in local and national removals we also do the assembly and disassembly of stands, promotional corners and industrial furniture, among others.

Furniture storage in Málaga for items you do not use at home

In addition to the removals with assembly and disassembly of furniture, another of the most popular services of Hakotrans is the furniture storage in Málaga. Imagine that you are coming from an international move from the UK or the Netherlands, and you need a space to store things that you are not going to place in your new home right now.

The solution is then in our furniture storage in Málaga, large spaces that you can rent the time you need to put boxes and furniture in a completely safe and well protected way. Take advantage of the service of assembly and disassembly of furniture to put the furniture you do not need at this moment in this storage space.

If you would like more information about local, national, and international removals or the assembly and disassembly of furniture, please contact us. We can also inform you about the rates of our extra services such as storage, packing and unpacking, extra insurance, removal planning or the service of a personal removal consultant. Hakotrans is a moving company with many years of experience, a great valuation by all our customers and all the facilities you need in your move.

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