We do international removals in sea freight containers

Hakotrans is a local, national, and international moving company. However, when moving to other countries from Spain, we not only use our own land fleet, but also our own container pool.

We transport all your belongings and furniture by sea so that you can go and live anywhere in the world: USA, Japan, Australia, United Kingdom

We have these routes on a weekly basis, so you can choose the dates that best suit you for the collection and delivery of your furniture in your sea removal.

But how do we manage to protect all shipped items along the way in the most efficient way? The answer is simple: with sea freight containers.

The advantages of sea freight containers for removals

The sea freight containers for removals that we use in Hakotrans are excellent for protecting objects from the movements of the ship, the humidity of the sea, the friction…

Because they are so large, you can fit your whole house into them without any problem in one trip, so that you can have everything ready when you arrive at your new destination. This also saves you a lot of money when moving.

The basics of Hakotrans sea freight moves

When we consider a sea freight removal, anticipation and planning is important as it requires much more procedures and paperwork than local or national removals.

Other removal companies cannot meet the deadlines for these long trips, but in Hakotrans we always ensure that we comply with time limits we have set thanks to our fleet.

We can take care of packing the objects, dismantling the furniture, and using particularly good materials to protect everything you are going to move. If you want to pack something yourself, bear in mind that insurance companies do not cover the damage or loss. To have the cover, you need to take out an extra insurance.

On the other hand, our team will also organize the sea freight containers, calculate the cubic meters that will take your removal, prepare the paperwork, customs formalities…

In short, we take care of everything so that you only must worry about arriving and settling into your new home. Our removals by sea depart from Malaga, or we also offer removals by sea from the port of Algeciras.

When you contact our office, you will be able to arrange all the work with a person who will speak your language, whether it be Spanish, English, French, German, Italian or Dutch. We will give you all the information about our extra services, and we will establish the estimate for the whole removal in sea freight containers. Trust Hakotrans: removals made with heart.

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