Removal to or from Granada? Hakotrans is the answer

If you have ever moved or helped a family member or friend in a move, you will know that moves are known worldwide to be tedious. This is what happens if we carry out these removals ourselves, apart from taking into account the distance factor, because it is not the same to carry out a removal in Malaga if you live in Marbella, as if you lived in the province of Jaén. This extra distance makes a move impossible if we do it ourselves, as we will have to make several trips, as well as hire a larger vehicle (van, etc.) for the furniture or larger items.

For your move to Granada, choose a professional company

Neither is it the same to hire a professional company as a carrier for your local and national removal, as these services are very different from their usual work. A professional company will take into account the material of the objects, acting accordingly, for example, with the relevant packaging. Furthermore, as our team is professional and has many years of experience, they are qualified to dismantle and assemble furniture without causing any damage, as well as saving space so that more belongings can be stored and the transaction is more profitable.

For all this and much more, Hakotrans is your professional removal company, as we carry out removals from or to Granada, as well as the rest of the provinces in our country or even internationally, with removals in Germany or removals in Austria, among other countries. If you still don’t know our services, we leave you with a list of some of them, to make the perfect move to wherever you choose.

Services we offer for removals in Granada

One of the most common services we provide for any move is packing and unpacking. It is very important to safeguard the integrity of your belongings, whether they are fragile or not, especially if they are of high value. Don’t worry, our team of professionals knows how to choose the right type of packing for each material, avoiding unnecessary damage to our belongings.

If you have large pieces of furniture, don’t worry, our team specializes in assembling and dismantling all types of furniture, to take away that task which can be a headache if we do it ourselves and we are not professionals. This also means that the space used is reduced and you can save on the number of transports you need to carry out the move.

Another service we offer is the transport of vehicles, such as bicycles, motorbikes or cars. If the move is a long way from the starting point and you can’t because you don’t have time, because you have children to look after (and they don’t fit on the motorbike) or you are simply lazy and don’t feel like wearing out the car on a long journey, this service will come in handy.

Carrying out your move with Hakotrans will give you security, as we have additional insurance for those very delicate objects or those of high economic value. Although great care is taken in dismantling and packing, if a traffic accident is unavoidable, it is advisable to have this insurance to avoid problems and loss of value of the objects. We also have other extra services, which may be of use to you.

Hakotrans carries out removals in Granada, trust in our experience

For all these services and many more, choose our company to carry out your move to or from Granada. We will attend to you in several languages so that communication is perfect and we can estimate the number of vehicles, the type of load or the minimum time needed to complete the move. Contact us and we will solve your doubts about your particular situation, as well as offer you a fair estimate, with no obligation.

Hakotrans has experience thanks to its long history, which we place at your disposal to advise and help you at all times regarding your move. Don’t worry about anything, feel safe and carry out the easiest move of your life, whether it be corporate removals (offices, companies, etc.) or domestic moves.

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