International removals to Germany: quality and guarantee

International moving always means more work, a more exhaustive organization and more worries about everything arriving at its destination in good condition.

That is why having a professional company like Hakotrans, specialized in removals to Germany, is a safe bet to be able to carry out this whole process safely and much faster. All the services we provide, including a moving organizer, will make you not have to worry about whether your objects reach their destination.

Germany, in addition, is our main European destination, so every week we have routes in our own fleet. Whatever the time of the year you have to change your country, we can handle the entire process.

Services we offer you in moving to Germany

Whether you are living in Germany and want to come to Spain or viceversa, all our services will be available. You can choose first if you want an exclusive removal where you choose the pick-up and delivery dates, a semi-combined one where you choose the pick-up date only or the combined one, which is more economical, where the dates fit the Hakotrans routes.

In addition to this we also have a packing and unpacking service that will protect all your objects. This service is highly recommended for insurance, as things packed by yourself will not be insured.

If you have a motorcycle or a car and want to take it to Germany you can also count on us and our vehicle transport service.

In the event that we have to carry furniture, we quickly assemble and disassemble it to save you that tedious job.

Finally, as mentioned before, one of our professionals will manage and plan the move, deciding what needs to be transported first so you can install yourself as quickly as possible.

Easier moves to and from Germany with Hakotrans

Leave your move to or from Germany in our hands and check the guarantee and quality service of Hakotrans. You will have your furniture and personal items available and in perfect condition and with a very complete insurance in your new home sooner than you can imagine.


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