Safe and fast removals to France with Hakotrans’ services

International moving involves a lot more work and complications if you have to do it yourself. You have to look for transport that will take you many miles to your new home, make sure it doesn’t break down or lose your belongings, wait for your furniture and belongings to arrive without a specific date…

To avoid all these problems and so that you don’t have to worry about your move to France, count on Hakotrans‘ services. We have been offering our complete local, national and international removal services all over Europe for many years.

Not only will we take care of transporting the objects, but we also make the process much easier for you with packing, a handyman for the furniture, extra insurance

Services you can take advantage of when moving to France

As we have mentioned, all the services offered by Hakotrans will make your removal to France much quicker, more comfortable and safer. For us it is essential that your objects arrive in perfect condition and in the stipulated time, so that you can enjoy your new home as soon as possible. Some of the main services are:

– Handyman.  He will take care of dismantling and assembling any large and delicate pieces of furniture.

Planning the removal. A professional from Hakotrans will organize which objects have to be transported before and after, the time it will take and the total budget.

– Additional insurance. Highly recommended when moving to France because of the increased risk of losing or damaging any object during the journey.

– Transport of vehicles. We can move your car or motorbike to your new home thanks to our fleet. This way you will save many kilometers, gasoline or accidents on the road.

Trust Hakotrans to make your move to France successfully

If you want all your furniture, delicate objects, clothes and documents to arrive in perfect condition in France, make your removal with Hakotrans. You can choose the collection and delivery dates, or adapt to our routes to save money.

With all the insurance we offer you, you can be sure that we will solve any problem that may arise in the process. Don’t hesitate to contact us to start planning the whole removal.

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