All the information about international removals to Europe

Europe is one of the areas of the world of which most people dream of to live, and this for many reasons: countries with an incredibly cultural and historical richness, enviable climates, dream coasts, a varied and quality gastronomy, interesting and advanced people…

Por eso, notamos que había una gran demanda de mudanzas a todos los países de Europa desde España. Para poder satisfacerla, creamos nuestras rutas semanales mediante las cuales hacemos mudanzas y transportes de vehículos, así como envíos de paquetes desde España al resto de Europa y viceversa.

For this reason, we noticed that there was a great demand for removals to all European countries from Spain. To satisfy this demand, we created our weekly routes for removals and vehicle transports, as well as parcel shipments from Spain to the rest of Europe and vice versa.

We help you if you want to move to another country in Europe

Hakotrans is one of the most experienced moving companies in international removals. We perfectly know the whole procedure, we have a fleet at your disposal to ship by sea, land and air, we help you with customs and much more.

Although our main destination in Europe is Germany, other places where you can do your removal with us are Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Denmark, United Kingdom, Ireland and Portugal.

Main services we offer for removals to Europe

For removals abroad, we have the following services at your disposal:

We will help you with the customs formalities of your move to Europe

If you are coming from a country outside Europe, you may have to go through customs to get all your furniture to your new home. This is where you will have to comply with customs formalities that vary depending on the origin and/or destination of the move.

That is why it is important to prepare and present documentation that may include the declaration of the value of your goods, consular registration, registration at townhall, personal documents…

Thanks to the experience of Hakotrans with removals to Europe, we have many international freight forwarding partners and customs brokers. We will help you to prepare the necessary documentation and to do the paperwork that you are required to. In this way, you won’t have any fear during the move, and you will be able to settle in your new home sooner than you think.

If you want to know more about the removals to Europe that we organize, contact us.

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