How can you organize your removal abroad in a fast way?

Moving abroad involves extra work that many people find tiring. Furniture and objects travel long distances and may be damaged, broken or even lost on the way if you take them yourself.

What’s more, you need a large van to be able to fit everything you need to take with you, as moving to another country means that you only have to make one trip.

To make this whole process faster and easier, you have to rely on the services of an international removal company like Hakotrans. We have been working in this sector for many years with our own fleet, and we have constant routes all over Europe.

In addition, we have a large number of services that we detail below with which we manage to make removals abroad fast, safe and economical.

Make your international removals to Europe with Hakotrans

In order to plan the removal, Hakotrans has a service in which we will analyse the amount of furniture and objects to be transported, the distance and the necessary means. We will also establish the order in which things will be placed and the total budget for the removal abroad.

If you have to move large pieces of furniture and you are worried about space, you don’t have to worry, because for international removals we have a Handyman who dismantles and assembles the furniture in a short time.

To protect all the objects during the long journey and so that they do not suffer any damage, we pack them in Hakotrans. It is more advisable to pack them yourself, as the insurance does not cover this last option.

We recommend extra insurance for the removals abroad

When moving abroad, which is more dangerous than national and local removals, we always recommend taking out extra insurance. This will cover whatever you pack yourself, as well as providing you with other ample coverage, so that you can rest assured that all your belongings will arrive safely at their destination.

Depending on the route you choose, all the transport will cost you less or more. If you stick to our routes and don’t care about the pick-up and delivery date, you can save money. In any case, for your removals abroad, trust the professionalism and experience of Hakotrans.

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