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Are you going to Australia? On your way to America? Are you being relocated to China?

We organize your overseas removal via containerized shipping, to any world destination.

It might be the first time you are shipping your belongings overseas. We can clarify any doubts you may have with our wide experience: Japan, Canada, USA, South Africa, Dubai, New Zealand, Chile ... are just some of the destinations where we have carried out removals successfully!

We know exactly what it means to change country and especially to move continent. The transition towards a new phase and its uncertainty can affect us emotionally and even cause stress. It is for this reason why receiving  appropriate advice can be of great help.

Especially when crossing the ocean, planning in advance  is very important. A sea freight has got its peculiarities, the delivery times and characteristics change due to the long distances and because your goods are being transferred by boat.

We clarify any doubts you may have and accompany throughout the process. We calculate the cubic meters for you, we provide and organize the container loading, we take care of the paperwork, customs clearance, international dispatches… Everything!

Leave your interntional sea freight removal in good hands; choose us as your travel companion.

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