Moving from Barcelona to Malaga with Hakotrans

If you are looking for a company that carries out removals from Barcelona to Málaga, you are in the right place. In Hakotrans we understand that all the management and planning of a move is complex, as it includes, among other things, organizing the luggage, disassemble the furniture, pack everything, find a safe transport, load the luggage, and repeat the same in the new place.

Yes, just reading about it sounds exhausting. But you do not have to worry. In this article you will see how Hakotrans is your best option to carry out removals from Barcelona to Málaga or in all local and international locations. In addition, you will learn about our wide range of services available to make your trip easier and feel that the change is easier than it seems.

Reasons why you should choose us for removals from Barcelona to Málaga.

Quality and guarantee

We have our own fleet, with equipment and a specialized team in transporting furniture and belongings, so we can guarantee the quality of our services. In fact, our technical team has training and experience in this field, so your furniture will be safe with Hakotrans.

Our packing materials are the best on the market, which will make your move safe and with a quality that protects your goods.

Transport and management

The removals from Barcelona to Málaga are carried out by road, with our own fleet, which means that your goods will always be in our hands. And if you want us to help you with the planning and organization of the trip, we can do that too! We can help you with the necessary paperwork so that everything goes according to plan, without any delays.

Services we offer for removals from Barcelona to Málaga.

To carry out domestic removals from Barcelona to Málaga correctly, it is necessary to hire a company like Hakotrans, capable of carrying out all types of removals, such as, for example, corporate removals or customized removals. Among the services we offer there are the following:


Also known as furniture assembly and disassembly, which consists of professionals carefully disassembling your furniture to place it strategically in the moving truck and fit more. This helps you save more money on transportation.

Once in your new house or flat, the handyman service will reassemble your furniture so that it is perfect. In addition to that, with this service you can assemble and dismantle stands, industrial furniture, and promotional corners.

Additional insurance

Perfect for delicate objects. This service guarantees that, should an unforeseen event occur, and an item breaks, you will be able to recover it. It is recommended for large removals.

Packing and unpacking

This service is essential for protecting your belongings, especially those that are delicate. It consists of a special packing that is done to your belongings so that they arrive safely and intact to Málaga.

Transport of vehicles and offices

With Hakotrans you can transport your car or motorbike without problems and quickly. Also, if you are a company, we can help you to change your premises, transporting tables, computers, furniture, and everything you want.


If you want to clean the place you are leaving, you can hire our furniture storage services to store your belongings while the removal is being organized. Also, if your flat in Málaga is small, you can store those pieces of furniture that you will not use.

Air freight and shipping of your packages

What happens if you only want to send one package? We can also help you. We have a fast, safe, and reliable transport option, so that your package arrives in perfect condition to Málaga.

In addition to these, we offer extra services that facilitate the removals from Barcelona to Málaga.

So do not hesitate to make your move with Hakotrans, experts in removals from Barcelona to Málaga. Contact us and ask for free information so you can travel safely and comfortably.

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