Hakotrans: the best moving companies nationwide

Hakotrans: the best moving companies nationwide

moving companies nationwide

The process involved in making a move is long, complicated, and quite tedious for those involved. It is always better to have the help of a company that specializes in removals, although you may think the financial cost is too high.

Hakotrans, however, offers you the best, professional and experienced services at an incredibly good price enabling you to make your removal nationwide in a truly short time and without any setbacks.

Services of our national removals

As we are among the best removal companies in Spain, it is logical to think that we have a variety of services that make moving your furniture much easier and more comfortable.

Among these services, we would like to highlight the following:

  • Senior Removals: we help elderly people by organizing and planning their move, so that they can avoid any worries or effort
  • Packing and unpacking: the basic insurance covers the items packed by us. That is why we use resistant materials, which prevent furniture and objects from being damaged, getting wet…
  • Transport of vehicles: in case you don’t want your car or motorcycle to travel many kilometers, or you have to transport several vehicles from one city to another, we can take care of it in the national removal.
  • Additional all-risk transport insurance: take out this insurance with us if you want your goods to be well protected against damage and loss, especially if you have valuable objects or you have packed yourself.
  • Assembly and disassembly of furniture: to carry out the entire removal nationwide in one go, we disassembly your furniture and then reassemble it in your home, in the space you will request to us.

Other removals that we carry out in our company Hakotrans

Besides being one of the best moving companies in Spain, Hakotrans also carries out international removals. Thanks to our own air and sea fleet, we can take your objects and furniture anywhere in the world.

We always comply with collection and delivery times, so that you only must worry about getting to the new country where you are going to live. In less than you imagine, you will have your new home in another city or abroad, without having made any effort!

Hakotrans will help you any time, as we have advisors in all languages to assist you. Contact us for more information about our national removal company in Spain.

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