How to move with pets? Follow these tips

At Hakotrans we love pets. They are another member of the family, those faithful friends who are always there to make us feel at home wherever we go, who accompany us on all our adventures and for whom we have a special affection.

That is why, when it is time to move to a new house, we can’t forget about our pets.

What can we do to make the journey as comfortable and stress-free as possible for them? Follow these tips that we are going to give you in Hakotrans, and which are based on all our experience and professionalism as a removal company in Malaga.

Make removals with pets more comfortable and quicker

Pets must be moved when your family is going to settle in the new home. So, when you are already living in the new home is the perfect time to take the animals.

In this way, you will be able to take care of them at any time and provide them with their food, drink, toys, and accessories in the new home

To be able to take the animals with you, you must have them in a comfortable kennel adapted to their size, preferably with a blanket or a cushion so that they can lie down or sit more comfortably during the journey. You should also have food and water ready to give them from time to time. If your pet is a dog, you should take it for a walk to relieve itself at each stop you make during the journey so that it does not get stressed and is more comfortable.

We help you plan your perfect move with pets

When all the stress of moving to a new house is added to the pet’s factor, having professional help from a company specialized in removals such as Hakotrans becomes almost essential.

We have a removal planning service, where an advisor will personally help you to calculate the volume of the move, organize what is going to be moved first, calculate the budget for the whole move and give you advice on how to move your pets.

In addition, in case you need it, we will give you proof that you are moving during the alarm state and the perimeter closure. Although there are many restrictions by the COVID-19, it is allowed to make removals locally, nationally or internationally as long as you have a proof like the one, we give you in Hakotrans.

We have the most complete services for local removals, national removals, and international removals. In addition, if you are interested in living in another European country, you can take advantage of our weekly routes.

Contact us if you want more advice about moving with pets or if you want more information.

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