International removals to or from the United Kingdom

Need to make an international move to or from the United Kingdom and don’t know how? 

Hakotrans can help you! We have been operating regular international removal routes in Europe since 1999.

We carry out your removal directly according to your needs and without intermediaries. 


Services offered by Hakotrans for your international move to or from the United Kingdom:

If you are moving from the United Kingdom to Spain or from Spain to the United Kingdom, you can count on our experience; talk to our specialists at Hakotrans.


Why move to the United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom (officially called The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) is a country located to the northwest of Continental Europe, currently a member of the European Union. It consists of the island of Great Britain, the northeast of the island of Ireland and small adjacent islands.

It is a unitary state comprised of four constituent nations: Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland.

Its capital is London and it is a highly developed country, being the fifth world economy, with a great economic, cultural, military and political influence.

The United Kingdom has recently declared the so-called ‘Brexit’, by which the United Kingdom will leave the European Union. There will be a transitional period until 31 December 2020. This will affect the paperwork and there will be new requirements to move to and live in the United Kingdom. At Hakotrans, in view of our experience in countries outside the European Union, we will continue to offer our clients removals to this destination.

London is the capital. It is also the largest city in England and The United Kingdom.

London is a multicultural, cosmopolitan city where more than three hundred different languages are spoken. It is one of the nerve centres of the arts, trade, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, research, tourism and transport. The city has a population of over 8 million and is the world’s main financial centre and most popular tourist destination.


If you are thinking of making your international move in Europe, Hakotrans can help you. Talk to our specialists.

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