We carry out international removals from and to Germany

If you need to make an international move from Spain to Germany or vice versa, Hakotrans is your company. We specialize in both national and international furniture transport throughout Europe, starting with the latter service in 1999 in Germany.

One of our main routes is between these two countries, and within Germany we are the leading company in removals to other European countries.

In order to make our clients’ work easier, you can be attended by our team both in Spanish and in German. The types of removals we organize in Hakotrans include complete removals, small removals, box removals, combined removals, etc.

Read on to find out about all the services we offer you in our company.

Service for international removals between Germany and Spain

Among all the services we have for international removals to Germany are packing and unpacking, vehicle transport and assembly and disassembly of furniture.

Packing is essential to protect all your objects from knocks and scratches during the journey, and it is important that we do it ourselves as the insurance does not cover what you pack.

Transporting vehicles, whether they are cars or motorbikes, is really useful whether you have to move your current vehicle or if you have bought one and want to take it from Germany to Spain and vice versa. You will save a lot of time, gasoline, and you will not have the risk of having an accident.

Finally, in order to be able to transport very large furniture, it is best to disassemble it and assemble it again at the new location. Our team will take care of this, as well as protecting the parts of the furniture during the international move between Germany and Spain.

Types of international removals between Germany and Spain

In Hakotrans there are three types of international removals between Germany and Spain with different prices: there is the exclusive or direct, the semi-combined and the combined or groupage.

The exclusive is the most expensive, but is where you choose the dates of collection and delivery of your move.

The semi-combined is the next in price, and here you choose only the collection, with a flexible delivery.

Finally, in the combined or groupage that is the cheapest you should adjust to the routes we have in Hakotrans.

Choose the type of international removal you prefer and trust a company like Hakotrans to move your belongings between Spain and Germany in a completely safe and professional.

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