Make your international removals from Malaga with Hakotrans

If you live in Malaga and you are going to make an international removal, Hakotrans has all the services you will need to make it fast and ensure that all your objects arrive in perfect condition.

We have many services that you can take advantage of at the best price when you make your international removal from Malaga. Of course, you can choose the date of collection and delivery, although we have an option where delivery is flexible and another where the dates will fit our routes, being the latter one the cheapest option. Whether you have to send furniture or small boxes, we will adapt to the size you need for your transfer.

Services for international removals from Malaga

In addition to the delivery and collection dates tailored to your needs, we have other services to offer you in Malaga.

For packing, you can choose between doing it yourself or that our professionals do it with all the guarantees. This process is important so that the objects arrive in perfect condition to the new country where you are going to reside. We work with all kinds of packaging materials: boxes, paper for delicate objects, bubble paper, etc. We also have a furniture assembly and disassembly service or handyman.

In addition to assembling and disassembling residential furniture, we also do it with stands, promotional corners, industrial furniture, etc.

If you don’t have time to plan the relocation, our professional team will take care of everything. We will make the transfer happen as soon as possible, quickly and efficiently.

Make your international move from Malaga with insurance

We recommend that all our clients have extra insurance, especially in international removals from Malaga where there is a greater risk of an object being lost or broken.

Insurance companies do not cover the items you pack yourself, so having additional insurance is highly recommended. It has more coverage than the basic insurance and it will save you many problems while you are going to live in a new country.

Contact Hakotrans if you are interested in making this transfer abroad from Malaga. We will advise you to make the process as fast and safe as possible, and we will give you a customized budget with a very competitive price.

Trust our quality, experience and professionalism working for hundreds of customers.

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