International removals between Spain and Belgium in Hakotrans

International removals between Spain and Belgium in Hakotrans

International move to Belgium with Hakotrans

International move to Belgium with Hakotrans, a company specialised in removals, transport of furniture abroad

Making a move is always complicated and can bring us many headaches, but when it is between two countries everything gets worse.

You can no longer count on driving your own car, making several trips, but you have to take everything in one or two trips at the most to speed up the process so that you can settle in the new country as soon as possible. That’s why the help of a company that specialises in removals like Hakotrans is vital.

Not only do we carry out local and national removals in Spain, but we also have daily routes to Europe and other continents. One of the countries we can do your international move to is Belgium. If you are thinking of moving there, or you are in Belgium right now and are going back to Spain, we can help you.

Take advantage of our services for moving from Spain to Belgium

The following are the services for your international move to Belgium that we offer you in Hakotrans:

  • Exclusive or direct removal. In this type, you choose the dates for both collection and delivery of all the objects and furniture. We always follow and strictly comply with the deadlines.
  • Semi-combined removal. It is a little cheaper than the previous one because you only choose the date of collection of the objects. For delivery, the date will be adjusted to the normal routes we have from Hakotrans.
  • Combined move or groupage, which is the most economical, because both collection and delivery dates are adjusted to our routes.
  • Individual and corporate removals.
  • Small removals or small shipments.
  • Packing and unpacking service. This is very important because basic insurance only covers what we as professionals pack. In addition, we use very high quality materials for this, such as bubble wrap, cardboard, cork, sofa covers
  • Collection of excess packaging or waste material.
  • Adapted or special removal service.
  • Furniture assembly and disassembly service. This is essential to be able to do the whole removal in one trip, and the furniture can be protected much better if it is dismantled.
  • Furniture storage in Spain, Germany, Belgium, Holland (Netherlands), Luxembourg, Portugal, United Kingdom and Switzerland. These spaces are like warehouses where you can leave things that take up a lot of space at home, or they can help you to better organize the transport of furniture to Belgium. They are video-surveillance 24 hours a day, and protected from dirt and damp.
  • Parking permits in both the country of origin and destination.
  • External lifts.
  • Vehicle transport so that you can get your two cars, or your car and your motorbike, in one trip and quickly.
  • Insurance and additional insurance for your peace of mind. The basic insurance, as we have mentioned before, only covers what we pack in Hakotrans. But if you want more peace of mind when moving internationally to Belgium, we recommend the additional insurance to cover what you pack yourself.
  • Air freight for small shipments, for example if you want to send gifts to another part of the world or a suitcase very quickly and effectively.
  • Sea containers.
  • Customs formalities. One of the worst things about moving to another country, especially if you are on another continent like America, is the paperwork required to get all the furniture and objects through. Our removal company has a lot of experience in this area, and will help you with all the documents.
  • Communication with staff who will assist you in several languages.
  • Other courtesy services.
  • The professionalism of a company with experience in removals in the area.
  • The experience of a consolidated company in international removals

We take care of your international move to Belgium

If you are moving from Belgium to Spain or if your international move is from Spain to Belgium, talk to our specialists and count on our experience.

Contact us if you need more information about the general and extra services we offer for these furniture transports between two countries. Counting on us will save you a lot of time, effort and worries that in the end you will be grateful. Because, if it’s already difficult to get used to living in another foreign country and with a different language, we don’t want moving to be just another problem to add to it. We do moves with the heart!

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