How to make a corporate move

Are you moving office? In corporate removals, planning and having a company at the height of Hakotrans are two aspects that guarantee a successful process and a satisfactory result and in the desired time.

The relocation of an office or business requires a more careful and detailed attention than when moving a home, since it is not possible (or not usually) to paralyze the commercial activity that is carried out in the same.

Why good planning is important in a corporate relocation

Proper planning is essential and fundamental for any type of removal, especially corporate removals.

When a corporate move is carried out efficiently and with good planning, it minimises downtime and ensures that the company can resume operations as soon as possible. Otherwise, a poorly planned move can lead to significant disruptions.

On the other hand, when good planning is carried out, it is possible to estimate the costs of the move and to allocate the necessary resources in an optimal and appropriate way.

With a thorough planning an efficient management of the move is guaranteed, in Hakotrans we are specialists in it… Reduce the possibility of mistakes and start your removal for companies in Malaga (or wherever you are) today!

Steps to follow for a business removal in Malaga

#1 Initial evaluation

A detailed evaluation is allowed in order to get the most out of the move, taking into account aspects such as the size of the place, furniture and equipment to be moved.

#2 Detailed planning

As mentioned above, planning is fundamental to the success of the move. A detailed plan is drawn up, including deadlines, packing and labelling of items, transport logistics, etc.

#3 Packing and protection

In Hakotrans we provide the necessary packing materials to protect furniture, equipment and fragile objects properly.

#4 Transport and logistics

Moving companies like Hakotrans must guarantee a safe and efficient transport, with the necessary permits and adjusted to any legal regulation.

#5 Assembly and unpacking

Once the objects arrive at the new office, the moving company will be in charge of assembling the furniture according to the planning.

In Hakotrans we offer all the necessary services so that the corporate move exceeds all your expectations. You are just one step away from being able to completely forget about your move!

Benefits of hiring a removal company for an office move

The benefits of hiring a removal company are innumerable, however, we highlight the following:

Hakotrans: your removal company

If you are looking for a removal for companies in Malaga or anywhere else, your best option is Hakotrans! Contact us right now and leave your move in the best hands.

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