Furniture storage in Torremolinos: cheap and very large

Although when we think of moving we usually think of changing cities or even countries, the truth is that local removals are much more common than we imagine.

Moving house in the same city, or moving from a small flat to a larger one due to different needs, or even moving to a different business premises, are all local moves we carry out in Hakotrans.

If you live in Torremolinos and you need to carry out one of these moves, you can take advantage of all the services we have, such as the packing and unpacking of objects, assembling and disassembly of furniture, planning removals, transportation of vehicles…

Today we want to focus on furniture storage, a really useful service that is being used more and more because it is much cheaper than having your own storage room.

Characteristics and uses of the furniture storage in Torremolinos

The furniture storage areas are quite large and we have them for rent and to store all the things you have to move during the move. There are some with more than 800 m2 where you can find all kinds of objects, furniture, documents, boxes with clothes

It’s really comfortable for you because they are in the same municipality of Torremolinos, so in a short trip you can go keeping everything you want. They have a very low price, and much cheaper than buying a private storage room.

For your safety and tranquility, they have an alarm connected 24 hours a day with the police to prevent theft, and other systems to detect fire and damp.

There are many items you can store in the furniture storage rooms, even if they are not being moved. If you notice you have a shortage of space in your home, or if you are carrying out any building work, this will also be very useful. Pack clothes from other seasons, baby items, books, musical instruments, bicycles, etc.

Rent our furniture storage in Torremolinos now

Don’t worry anymore about lack of space at home or storing your belongings at your friends’ houses in Torremolinos: rent our furniture storage service for a small fee and enjoy all our services.

Trust Hakotrans, a professional company that has been dedicated to national and international removals and transportation for many years.

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