Rent furniture storage throughout the province of Malaga

You may have once had a lack of space at home or you may have moved and had no place to leave the things you were going to move. Boxes, furniture, clothes from other seasons… there are an infinite number of things we keep and which take up so much space that we don’t know what to do with them.

Not everyone has a storage room or can afford one, because if you only need it for a few weeks or months it is too expensive. This is why we offer you the best solution: renting a furniture storage unit.

In Hakotrans we have spaces like this all over the province of Malaga with an excellent quality-price ratio so you can rent them whenever you need them.

Get to know the characteristics of our furniture storage

In addition to the large size of these storage units, which can exceed 800 m2, they have other characteristics that make them better than a storage room.

They are located throughout the province of Malaga, so you will have one very close to home when you need it.

They are also highly protected. In every installation there is a burglar alarm connected 24 hours with the police. They also have fire alarms and are protected against humidity. Your furniture, documents, clothes and everything you keep will not be damaged by time, dirt or humidity.

If you need to transport heavy, bulky furniture or objects because you have construction work to do at home or you want to move house and you don’t have a car to take them in, Hakotrans can organize the collection and delivery of these between your home and the furniture storage facility.

What can you use the furniture storage we rent for?

In addition to the above-mentioned uses, the furniture storage rooms can also be used to store baby items, sports equipment, bicycles, musical instruments, books, etc.

At the same time, they are also very useful for companies because they can put products on pallets, big boxes, containers, etc. All the facilities we have in Malaga have a very easy access for cars and trucks.

So do not hesitate. If you need a furniture repository to clear out your home or make a move, contact us. You can also take advantage of other moving services such as extra insurance, handyman or packing.

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