What do we do?

We carry out all types of removals, both locally and nationally, as well as internationally.

Don’t know where to start from?

We offer expert advice. It is not as difficult as it may seem! Start by clicking here

When to start?

Whenever you decide! Just let us know the dates, and we will get down to work!

How can I choose the right removal company? What should I look out for?

The activity of removal and storage companies is regulated by law. A serious and certified company will offer you a written quotation and can provide you with an invoice and different methods of payment, not just cash payments. The staff will have an employment contract, will be registered in the Social Security, and will have received the appropriate training and experience to perform the job. Both vehicles and personnel must be properly identified and secured. Choose companies that have a company name, physical headquarters and work with guarantees, such as vehicles with a transport license, liability insurance, etc. Also, pay close attention to issues such as the way the personnel interacts in the office, the availability of a website or a corporate e-mail (that is not a Gmail or Hotmail address), as well as the advice offered or the experience that they transmit. Some are mere intermediaries who only have a Facebook profile and have no vehicles or real photos. Choose well because you will leave all your belongings in their hands. Not only your furniture, but also your memories, pictures, clothes and personal belongings. Companies like us, that belong to FEDEM and FEDEMAC, offer all the guarantees. You can find more information here:

How do I request a quote?

It is very simple! Complete our application form online, call us or contact us by e- mail. If you prefer, we can call you.
Removals are measured in cubic meters, so we’ll need a list of your inventory to calculate its volume, as well as information on the place of pick-up and delivery. Don’t worry; you will only need to detail the furniture or other belongings that you will be moving, once.

How do I calculate the cubic meters?

There are different ways to calculate the cubic meters: We have designed an application form for this purpose, which calculates the cubic meters for you. All you need to do is take a walk around the house’s rooms and note down the furniture you need to move in an intuitive way. If you need help, our personal advisor can visit your home and calculate it for you. If such a visit is not possible, you can also detail the furniture and its approximate dimensions and we will calculate the cubic meters for you. Calculating cubic meters is our specialty and we offer you all available options for doing so.

What will the price of my removal depend on?

The price depends on multiple factors: the destination, the volume and cubic meters of the furniture and other equipment, the assembly service or the hired packaging service, the workers needed for the removal, etc. The type of access available will also influence the price, when it comes to loading and unloading, accessibility for the truck, the availability of an elevator, the requirement of a lifting platform, etc. As every removal is different, we will make a series of questions to understand the needs of your move, and create a personalized budget for you.

How can I save on my move?

The best way to save on your move is by leaving behind old furniture and things that you no longer need, as well as by packing, assembling and disassembling the furniture yourself. And if you have the chance, slowly start moving your clothes or objects that you do not use on a daily basis to the new destination. This is not always possible, since you may not have the keys to your new home yet, or you may be moving to another country. We advise you not to save on quality. Pack yourself, reduce the transport volume and choose the company that you trust in the most.

Is the quote free of charge?

Yes, we will give you a free and uncompromised quote. Even if our logistics specialist has visited your home, we will not charge the visit.

What if I need boxes and other packing material?

We can supply you with boxes for your move, as well as seals and other materials you may need. We can calculate the number of boxes needed depending on the volume. We use top quality packing materials. Ask us!

Personal Advisor and personalized attention

We believe personalized attention is vital throughout the whole planning process. Our personal advisor will help you organize the removal step by step, will calculate the cubic meters for you and will provide you with a quote taking into account the features of your removal. In other words, he will answer all your questions and will accompany you throughout the process. We are specialists!

Bikers: transport and storage

In Hakotrans we transfer your bike, as if it were our own. We also offer a guard and custody service for motorbikes, whether it is for groups or individuals. No matter whether the destination is national or international, transfers are carried out with maximum guarantees, because we know that your bike is much more than a bike and because we (we confess it) also are bikers.

Do you also perform office relocations?

Of course! We perform all types of removal services. Office removals need to be organized in such a way, so that the company’s daily operations are not interrupted and its productivity is not affected. We adapt to your schedule and perform the removal in an organized manner. We have got plenty of experience in office relocations, including moving of files and computer equipment, for all types of businesses including municipalities.

How long will it take to have everything set up?

Depending on the contracted services and on the volume of your move; you could have everything set up and running within a day. That sounds good, right?

Do I need to arrange a parking permit?

In some cities or towns, the municipal regulations may require certain permits to occupy public roads or to carry out removals. Don’t worry; our office will handle all the paperwork. Moreover, since we speak several languages, we have no problem in contacting other countries’ municipalities. We are more than used to it!

What do I take with? What if I want to throw away some furniture?

This is perhaps one of the hardest decisions to take. It is time to make an assessment of the furniture or objects that you haven’t been using for a while, and sell it, donate it or even throw it away depending on its condition. We can collect whatever you specify the day of the move, as long as you have previously informed us. Following our commitment with the environment, we will deposit it in a waste facility. So you do not have to worry about anything.

What happens if something breaks?

We work with the utmost professionalism and dedication in order to minimize the risk of unwanted breakage. In the event that any damage does occur, we have an insurance to insure your belongings.

What will my quotation include?

In most removal companies, the quote includes collection, transport in a professional moving truck, delivery and a basic insurance, carried out by specialized personnel. . Packing, unpacking and delivery of material, unless otherwise specified, is not always included.

Do I have to worry about the paperwork or customs or other documentation abroad?

We will arrange all documentation for you in advance, so that the border crossing or customs poses no problems or delivery delays. Being specialists in international removals, has given us extensive knowledge on all the necessary procedures both in Europe and in the rest of the countries.

How does a removal by sea freight work?

Shipping containers come in different sizes and capacities, so you can either use a whole one, or share one if your items are not enough to fill it up. We have got plenty of experience, so we will assist you in this process. With regard to delivery, it will be door to door if the country’s legislation permits it; otherwise it will be a door to port service. We handle all export procedures.

Can you assemble and disassemble the furniture for me?

We don’t only assemble and disassemble furniture; we do it in a quick and efficient way. You’ll be surprised! Forget spending hours searching for the screws and tools to assemble your furniture.

Can I only send one piece of furniture or a few boxes? Do you carry out small removals?

Sure! We usually say: from one box to the whole house. Many of our services include partial removals, such as transporting some boxes, a piece of furniture, a bicycle or a sofa… It doesn’t matter how small it is. You can either bring it to our facilities until it is loaded on a truck, or we can go and pick it up. It’s up to you!

What is a storage service?

It is a space in our facilities where you can leave your furniture or personal items for a certain period of time. Whether you’re spending a sabbatical year abroad, or are away for only a short season. You will only pay for the time you need the space. Your belongings will be under 24 hour security, insurance and all guarantees. We have storage spaces in Malaga and Germany.

The big day has arrived! What now?

The big day has arrived at last! It’s the day you have been waiting for. Our advice is that you remain calm, especially if you have chosen us to carry out your removal. Our staff will handle everything. We will arrive at the agreed time, and our team will get down to work. You don’t need to worry about anything. Our staff will organize the load order and will pack and disassemble your furniture if we have agreed so previously, with utmost professionalism.

How will I recognize the staff?

Our staff is fully uniformed; there is no room for confusion. Our logo is very easily recognizable 🙂

Do you transport pianos?

Yes, piano transportation (of both upright pianos and grand pianos), forms part of our services.

What do I do with my jewelry and documentation?

Almost all moving companies will give you the same advice: for your peace of mind, carry your most valuable items like jewelry with you. We recommend you do the same with your personal and health documentation.

I have got valuable items and artwork

We need to be informed in advance about the transport of items that have a special value or that are particularly fragile or delicate. Some require special and possibly tailored, packaging. Some valuables like artwork may require special insurance, when not covered by a basic insurance. Let us know in advance to avoid surprises and to take the necessary precautions. We will insure and transport your most valuable items.

Can you also transport my pet?

No, because of the regulations and due to safety reasons, we cannot transport live animals. It is best that it travels to your new destination with you. This can be done with most airlines, by previously informing them and by carrying the animal’s documentation on the trip. Note that in some countries the entry of animals is not allowed.

Why choose whole hearted movers?

If you have come this far, we want to thank you. Our name says it all! We transport your belonging s with all our love and utmost care. We believe there is a closer way to carry out removals, by making the process clearer, more flexible and more focused on your needs. For us, it is our passion. A move is something very personal, requiring commitment and mutual trust. Would you let anyone into your home? With Hakotrans, your belongings are in good hands. We would like to meet you. We would like to accompany you.


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