8 mistakes to avoid in a removal


It might seem something silly, but planning and order are the keys to a successful removal. Having more time to yourself to pack, in case you carry out your own removal, means you will pack your belongings in a better way. (It’s different of course in the case of hiring a removals company like us, since we offer a full service including packaging).

We encounter many clients who underestimate the required time for packing, so we recommend you devote sufficient time to this task. First start packing what you use less often, like clothing from another season, books, linens, dishes, etc. As the moving date approaches, package those goods that you use more often, leaving the most necessary items for last, such as personal hygiene items or clothes that you are currently using.


Depending on friends can be a very economical option, but we all know that you get what you pay for; and the removal might take forever to complete. At the same time, you will probably have to invite them to pizzas or beer. Additionally, it could turn out to be a big friendship test. Those friends that help you out with the removal will be your real friends. It’s always the case.

A serious and professional company will stick to the deadlines and avoid all types of problems; things will be done in much less time and your furniture will even be assembled at the end of it! It’s best you invite your friends for the housewarming party. You’ll all be much more rested.


You might think you will remember where everything has been placed, but it’s virtually impossible. You’ll go crazy looking for your things among so many boxes.

In order to avoid this, label each box, noting down the room where it should be placed. You can assign a number or letter to each box, and jot down its contents. Carrying out an inventory is something crucial and essential in order to locate each object and confirm that everything has arrived to its new destination.


No need to take everything to your new home; we all know that a removal is the perfect occasion to clear out your cupboards of unnecessary items. It’s time to make a donation to the local library, or send a few clothes to the NGO. There are companies that will go to your home to pick up these secondhand items. You save on the volume required for your removal and contribute to a good cause.

But if you wouldn’t mind making a few euros, you could also sell these items on the Internet, on websites such ashttp://www.wallapop.com , http://www.vibbo.com  or http://www.milanuncios.com, which help you find a buyer. You’ll make some extra money, which will surely come in handy when decorating your new home. Remember, if it hasn’t been used for over a year, it’s most probably unneeded. Free some space!

They say we don’t realize the amount of things we keep, until we are faced with a removal. It’s a good opportunity to leave behind what we no longer need.


Did you know that there is a special paper for packing tableware?

(Forget using newspapers!) Protective covers for mattresses? Box closets to hang your clothes? Bubble wrap?… A professional company will use these for you, but if you decide to carry out your own removal, you will need packaging materials that guarantee your furniture will be safe and protected.

We have come across tableware packed in suitcases! That can’t be!

Poor packaging or no packaging at all, increases the risk of breakage especially with delicate objects, tableware, mirrors, etc. Investing in quality materials and packing carefully will help you avoid unpleasant surprises.


We tend to believe that we have got fewer things, than what we actually have. But when we start placing everything in boxes, we become aware of the amount of things we’ve accumulated over the years. Careful when filling the boxes, try not overloading them, so that you can be able to lift them later. Avoid over-straining and possible injuries.


Watch out with those valuables! Your friends are not expected to know that that vase is from the Ming Dynasty or that the carpet is a relic brought all the way from Turkey. Insuring your valuables is fundamental; you don’t want to spoil the whole removal. It not only saves you from breakages, but also possible losses and things being misplaced.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get insurance if you are carrying out your own removal, you’ll need to hire a removals company to obtain this. In fact, most insurance companies will not cover objects that haven’t been packed by professionals.


Documentation, passports, writings, jewelry, keys… you should keep these items on you at all times. Especially if you are carrying out the removal with friends or acquaintances; any mistake could occur. So it’s best to carry jewelry and other valuables on you at all times. We have come across plenty of clients who have placed important documentation in boxes, and have taken forever to find them again. You’ve warned you, so it doesn’t happen to you!

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