What are combined removals? Save on the transport

A combined move is the modality used when there is not much furniture and objects to transport for your removal, not enough volume to fill a truck. Combined moves consist of sharing the truck with other clients who are in the same situation, to save a lot of money and be able to take some furniture that you have forgotten, an appliance, sports equipment…

Of course, the other clients who must make their moves will have the same origin and destination as you, either within your province or nationally. Our local and national removals are fast, effective, and strictly comply with the deadlines established by you and the other clients.

The process for ordering combined removals is very simple: you contact Hakotrans and ask us to transport small volumes of items and furniture, we write down the origin and destination of the removal and when we have a truck to complete, we notify you with the exact dates.

Services for combined removals we have in Hakotrans

For combined moves you can take advantage of the following services:

Packing and unpacking: To protect your items as much as possible and to avoid them rubbing or breaking during transport, we use very high quality materials to pack them and then we can quickly unpack them in your new home.

Assembling and dismantling of furniture: this is essential for combined moves, as we can make your combined move even more economical by sharing the truck with several clients. We take care of reassembling them in your new home.

Senior removals: for the elderly  who want to change their residence within the same province, or go to another one within the same country, we help them at all times, so they do not have to worry or make any effort.

We are the best combined removal company in Spain

If you live in Spain and you are interested in combined removals, contact us and we will inform you the schedule to fill a truck, and the rates.

You will have the guarantee of a professional removal company like Hakotrans, which has its own fleet, both national and international for our international removals to Europe.

We also do air shipments, sea removals, office and/or company removals and much more. We guarantee to meet the deadlines and protect your belongings as much as possible. As a recommendation, you can take out an extra insurance if the items are delicate or if you want to pack them yourself, as the basic insurance does not cover when Hakotrans does not do the packing.

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