Moving with children – 5 essential tips

It is quite normal for change to frighten us a little, but we have to focus on the possibilities offered by this new stage in our lives.

Children are usually predisposed to have adventures and new experiences, and we can take advantage of this change to make them feel involved, more grown-up and responsible.

A new experience for the whole family!

During childhood, any change is experienced with intensity, excitement and enthusiasm.


1- Tell them about the move. Do it naturally and well in advance; use a positive tone and create the expectation that a change is coming.

2- Involve them. It can be an exciting experience. If your children are happy and excited, you will all face the move in a better mood – emotions spread faster than the flu!

3- Get to work! Have them pack their most precious toys or items. We recommend that they take them with them, to avoid the anguish of believing that they may have been lost among so many boxes (favorite teddy bear, diary, etc).

4- Time to do some “clearing out”! What better chance to get rid of those toys or games that you have grown out of or are damaged? You can donate them to charities, hospitals, schools or kindergartens or hand them down to a cousin or neighbour. You can even sell them. You will encourage decision-making and values such as solidarity.

5- Have fun! Arranging things in a new bedroom is something we all love, including children. Although you’ll probably have to check later, let them participate first

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